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So what is Google+?

When Google+ came along a couple of years ago we all thought we knew what it was. We'd done MySpace, then Facebook, then Twitter, LinkedIn...

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What’s new in the CMS text editor

If you're a Noisegate CMS user, you may know that the text editor we use is an open source one called CKEditor. There has recently been a big update to the way CKEditor works so we’ve installed the newest version in the CMS. The new...

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Google Analytics: 3 Features You’re Probably Not Using

You probably know that Google Analytics can be used to give a lot of statistics about your website. It lets you find out statistics about the number of visitors your site has had, which pages are most popular and where in the world people are. Did...

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Google Glass: sci-fi made real

Glass is Google's next big product launch and it's quite fascinating. It's a sort of a mini-computer that's worn like glasses, positioning a tiny screen to the top-right of your field of vision, with a camera to take photos and video as you move around. At the moment I think...

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