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Google Glass: sci-fi made real

Glass is Google’s next big product launch and it’s quite fascinating. It’s a sort of a mini-computer that’s worn like glasses, positioning a tiny screen to the top-right of your field of vision, with a camera to take photos and video as you move around.

At the moment I think the coolest thing it’s likely to do at launch is borrow your phone’s GPS to show directions from Google Maps. It can translate your speech into other languages, vibrating your skull to create sound (a bit scary), and it can access the internet to answer questions you ask it.

Sounds a bit sci-fi and unreal? Not so much – it’s available to developers already and should be on sale to the public before the end of the year.

At the moment it’s mostly just an interesting toy, and I dread to think of the thousands of nausea-inducing, shakey first-person perspective videos it’ll undoubtedly give the world. But what’s really exciting is that Glass is a glimpse into the future, it shows how we might communicate and access information in the future.

Interested? Here’s Google’s Glass website, and here’s TechRadar’s take on it

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