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How to embed YouTube or Vimeo videos using the Noisegate CMS

How to embed YouTube or Vimeo videos using the Noisegate CMS

You can add a video from YouTube or Vimeo to your website through the Noisegate CMS. Here's how to do it in two easy steps…

Step 1: Get the video code from YouTube or Vimeo



If you're video is on YouTube, open the page displaying the video you want and take a look in the address bar. It will show something like this:

You will need to copy the section of the url after the v= this is the code that identifies the video. In this example the code you would need is d4RC7kU8wME

Please Note:

Sometimes the url is be in this format: if this is the case, the code you need is the part after the / at the end which again would be d4RC7kU8wME



If you're using a video from Vimeo, find the page with the video on and look in the address bar. It will be similar to this:

You need to copy the number at the end of the url after the last / this is the code to identify the video. In this example it would be 59777392


Step 2: Edit the page/blog post that you want to add the video to

Login to the CMS and edit the page, blog post or whichever content area you want the video added to. Within the editor window, place the cursor where you want the video added and click on the Add YouTube Video button in the toolbar.


The Embed YouTube Video plugin will then be displayed allowing you to set a number of options for the video:


Video Type:

Select whether the video is a YouTube video or a Vimeo video.

Video ID:

Enter the code you copied in Step 1 into this box.

Select video position/width:

Your CMS account will have some pre-defined video widths associated with it. These allow you to easily add a video into the main body of the site or a side panel without needing to know exactly how many pixels that area is. Use the dropdown to select the size the video should be displayed.

Select video aspect ratio:

Use this dropdown to choose if the video is standard 4:3 ratio or widescreen 16:9 ratio.

Select video position:

If you want the text to wrap around the video, select whether the video should be on the left or right of the page.


Once you have selected all the options you want click OK and the video will be inserted into the editor window. Click save and view the page on your website to see the video in place.

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